Our two-year-old classrooms encourage children to learn through play and exploration. A two-year-old child’s social, emotional, physical, and language development grows exponentially during this year. Our teachers help foster this growth by being responsive to each child’s needs. Social skills are emerging, so our teachers encourage the children to share, be polite, and use their words to communicate their feelings and needs. Self-help skills are developed throughout each daily activity to encourage independence and confidence. A huge milestone in a two-year-old child’s life is toilet training. We feel that toilet training is a team effort, which requires both the parents and teachers to work together. Your child’s desire and abilities will guide us through the process.

Every activity is a learning experience for a toddler and we treat their day with us as such. The children have a schedule each day which encourages routine and provides the children a sense of security and comfort during their time at school. Several activities are offered throughout the day to allow for the children to make their own choices. Several group times are also offered during the day. Group time includes reading stories, singing songs, and discussions of classroom topics. This is also the time when the teacher introduces pre-academic concepts such as colors, shapes, counting, and letters.

Each day you will receive a daily sheet to inform you about your child’s day. The information on this sheet includes: what and how much they ate, how long they napped, and their favorite activity for the day. Diapers are checked at least each hour and changed as needed. Children are also encouraged to sit on the toilet to help them feel comfortable with the potty training process. When your child begins potty training it will be noted on the daily sheet.

“There is good structure and learning activities.

The daily reports are nice and there is a good variety of activities.”

Parent of a 2 year old

A Sample Day Twos

Please Note

  • Times will vary by classroom
  • Meals and Activities will change daily.