Our Preschool classrooms are designed to provide an age-appropriate education in a loving and nurturing environment. At this age, we begin to introduce a more structured academic experience. We strive to provide many opportunities throughout the day, which will allow the children to learn through hands-on experiences.

Children at this age are naturally cooperative and inquisitive, along with being more social than in their toddler years. We strive to provide an environment that allows children to grow through their curious nature, social skills, and love of learning. We have adopted The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which allows each child to grow and learn through “studies” about topics that are related to their everyday experiences. In the preschool classrooms, the teachers will focus on positive interactions, social-emotional development, play to support their learning, as well as teacher-family relationships. In the Preschool classrooms pre-writing skills will include tracing shapes, proper pencil grip, and other fine motor activities. Mastering these pre-writing skills will prepare them for tracing and writing letters in correct formation in the Pre-kindergarten classroom.

The preschool children will have a schedule each day, which will encourage routine and consistency, along with a feeling of security in knowing what will be happening in their day. The children will have opportunities each day to participate in group meetings, small group, choice time, and limited choices. In our preschool classrooms, our teachers reinforce preschool concepts such as shapes, colors, number, and letter recognition in various ways. Art is also used as a valuable teaching tool. Not only does art teach color and design, it also encourages creativity, confidence, and self-expression. Information is posted each day in the classroom to let you know about the activities that have taken place during the day.

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Parent of a 3 year old

A Sample Day Pre-School

Please Note

  • Times will vary by classroom
  • Meals and Activities will change daily.