Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to provide a structured learning environment while still allowing the children to learn through play and activities.  Children at this age are often described as energetic and imaginative.  Our goal is to channel these great characteristics into appropriate learning opportunities that will prepare your child for Kindergarten.  

We strive to provide an environment that allows children to grow through their inquisitive nature, social skills, and love of learning.  Our teachers are passionate about this age group and the learning that takes place during the year.  Their passion shows in the classroom.  Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum program, which allows the teachers the ability to customize their lesson plans to the interests and skill levels of the children currently in their classroom.  “Group time” is offered each day.  During this time, the teacher introduces academic skills and engages the class in various discussions.  This is also the time when the teachers introduce the weekly Spanish concepts from our Spanish program, ¡Español Para Mí!  In our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms there is a strong emphasis on pre-reading skills, phonics, math, and handwriting.  Pre-reading skills such as letter and letter/sound recognition are introduced and reinforced in multiple ways in the classroom.  In the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms, we use research based handwriting programs to introduce and reinforce proper handwriting skills.  Art is also used as a valuable teaching tool.  Not only does art teach color and design, it also encourages creativity, confidence, and self-expression.  Homework is also sent home each week.  The homework is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged.  Homework is a wonderful way of establishing and maintaining the home/school connection.  Information is posted each day in the classroom to let you know about the activities that have taken place during the day.

“Devon has TRULY matured and developed beautifully and much

richer than if he were in an in home or no daycare setting at all.”

Parent of a 4 year old

A Sample Day Pre-Kindergarten

Please Note

  • Times will vary by classroom
  • Meals and Activities will change daily.