Our one-year-old classrooms create an atmosphere that allows for children to explore their environment and make new discoveries every day. Through this first year we are working with the children on language development, large and small motor skills, beginning self help skills, social interactions, and supporting the children’s constant curiosity about the world around them. Our teachers use basic sign language skills throughout the day along with constant verbal communication to give the children several options of communication.

The one-year-old child is having new learning experiences moment-by-moment and our teachers are ready to facilitate and encourage their new findings as they arise. The children have a schedule each day. This routine increases the child’s feelings for security and comfort in the classroom. The teachers offer a variety of activities each day such as art, music, large motor, and small motor. The children make choices of which activities they would like to enjoy. Several small group times are offered each day. This includes reading books, singing songs, fingerplays, theme discussions and introduction of new concepts (such as body parts, colors, and shapes).

Each day you will be given a daily sheet to let you know about your child’s day. The information on this sheet includes: what and how much they ate, how long they napped, and their favorite activity for the day. Diapers are checked at least each hour and changed as needed. This is also notated on the daily sheet.

“My child always comes home happy –

you can tell he’s had a good day – everyday!”

Parent of a 16 month old

A Sample Day Ones

Please Note

  • Times will vary by classroom
  • Meals and Activities will change daily.