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Parent Communication is an important piece in maintaining the connection between the school and home environment. We offer multiple forms of communication to help families keep up to date with all the fun happenings in the building. BE IN THE KNOW... Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and check out what is HAPPENING THIS MONTH on the right column of this page. 

A phone is located in each of the classrooms, so parents can call at any time and be transferred back to the classroom and speak directly to the teacher. Communication is very important to us and we want all families to know we are here. Pease don’t hesitate to share with a director any questions or concerns you may have at any time.


We have a center Parent Bulletin Board located at the front office. This parent board has copies of Monthly Newsletter, Monthly Calendar, Upcoming Events, and the Weekly Menu. Please take a copy for you to take home and keep up with the exciting activities happening at Belle’s and Beau’s Academy

Each classroom also has a Parent Bulletin Board. The classroom bulletin boards have a copy of the teacher’s introduction letter, so you can learn about your child’s new teacher. You will also find a copies of the classroom’s daily schedule. Lesson plans and daily sheets are also located on the classroom Parent Bulletin Boards so you can keep up with what your child is learning.


During the toddler years, the one and two year olds, are learning so many new skills and developing in many ways. It is important for each parent to know how this process is going for their child. Therefore, each parent will receive a daily sheet at their child’s departure. The information provided on the daily sheet include: what and how much they ate, how long they napped, their favorite activity for the day, and the diaper checks. Diapers are checked each hour and changed as needed.


Here at Belle’s and Beau’s Academy, our teachers spend time year-round observing and assessing the growth and development of each child. A comprehensive assessment is done twice a year, both in November and in May. The teachers combine their observations with the assessment tool to determine where each child is developmentally on the continuum. There are 38 research-based objectives that teachers will use as their baseline to set goals throughout the entire year. Each objective will assist teachers in planning intentionally for each child, as well as to prepare them for future school success. The objectives were designed to align with the Common Core State Standards of Colorado, which will allow for a smooth transition into grade school. After the assessment tool has been completed, you will receive a “Family Conference Form” which will communicate your child’s strengths in various areas of development, as well as specific goals that your child’s teacher has set.

Once the “Family Conference Forms” have gone out, you will then have an opportunity to sign up for a conference with your child’s teacher. Conference are not mandatory, but are always encouraged, as this is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s growth and development during the school year.


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