At Belle’s and Beau’s Academy we believe in building a healthy body, as well as a healthy mind. We strive to provide nutritional snacks and lunch each day, which are included in tuition. A nutritional breakfast is available for a nominal cost each morning until 8:30 a.m. Morning snack consists of fresh fruit, along with another component. Lunch consists of a protein, vegetable, fruit, grain, and milk each day. We provide whole milk in our toddler classrooms and 2% milk in our preschool and older classrooms. Afternoon snack is a variety of items to keep the tummies full until dinner time.

We believe snack and lunch times are learning opportunities. Children are always encouraged to try new items, but are NEVER forced to eat. Family style meal time is an important part of Belle’s and Beau’s Academy. Family style allows children to serve themselves. Teachers sit with the children during lunch time to assist the children and encourage conversations. Children help with setting the table, serving themselves, and assisting with clean-up in age appropriate classrooms. Family style serving promotes social skills, self-help skills, good eating habits, language development, preschool concepts, and math skills.

Belle’s and Beau’s Academy is a nut free school. We do not allow peanut or nut products in the school. Please keep this in mind when bringing in outside food for parties or field trips. Our experienced cook is able to work with most food allergies and dietary requests, please speak with a Director about any special food needs your child may have.

Family members are always welcome to join us for lunch. Please let your child’s teacher know the morning you plan on joining us, so we can make sure a place is set for you at the table.

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